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The Mission

"Your stage, your story." At Letaniko Theatre, we do two things: explore various creative practices through the lens of theatre and push boundaries. 


We are an organization of young storytellers who stand for bringing authentic voices to the public. We achieve this by examining any creative work and artistic expression that comes to us and collectively asking ourselves, ‘What is the real story we want to tell and why does it matter?’ Then, in an environment built upon kindness, passion, and connection, we bridge ideas and bring stories to life.


Much like life resembles a theatre where we each have roles to play, at ‘Letaniko,’ we welcome anyone who has something to say to come onto our stage and, by joining the spotlight, make it theirs. Letaniko Theatre. This is your theatre.

Black and White aesthetic of the Solar System with Creative Expression instead of Planets.jpg

The Vision

To be the Solar System of humanity’s creative expressions, where every audience member and storyteller can find a home. 

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